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Nickel Creek 3

April 22, 2007

Yet another video clip from the Nickel Creek concert.


Nickel Creek pt. 2

April 18, 2007

Here is another clip from the Nickel Creek concert. Enjoy!

Nickel Creek pt. 1

April 17, 2007

This is one of the video clips I captured from the Nickel Creek concert at Mississippi College. More are to come!

New House

April 9, 2007

Just want to let everyone know that they can check out pictures of the construction of our new house. Just go to Facebook and check out out new photo album or click on the blog entitled Freenys on the Frequented Blog section to the right.

I am hoping to post a few blogs about the whole process, starting from when we were going to buy a house.

Immigration: The Human Cost

April 1, 2007

In light of Newt Gingrich’s idiotic comments on bilingual education, which you can read here, I would like to post for your viewing pleasure this report from The Onion’s new video news network,ONN.

Immigration: The Human Cost