A Faith Question


You have probably heard on the news by now that archaeologists have allegedly found the tomb and bones of Jesus. The caskets found in the tomb also reportedly include the bones of Mary Magdalene and their son, Judah.

There are claims now that this controversial find will “shake the very foundations of Christianity.” My reaction to that is why should it? Why should a find such as this chip away and even destroy a faith that has been building within me for years upon years? If someone came to me today claiming they have definitive proof that Jesus was not the Son of God and that He was never raised from the dead, I should have the faith to look that person in the eyes and say “So what!” Faith is based on believing WITHOUT empirical proof one way or the other. If someone claims they can prove Jesus was just an ordinary man, why should that change the fact that I believe He is the Messiah? If it did change my beliefs, how deeply was my faith rooted to begin with?

Having said that, the only tragedy I see in this find is the possibility that it will cause those who were already weak in their faith or not sure about Christianity to stray even further from the truth. To those individuals I offer my prayers and point out the fact that this discovery has been kept under wraps for around 27 years. Why, if it had any validity to it, has it been kept a secret for so long? How, even with the names that are claimed to be on the caskets, can it be proven that they belong to THE Jesus, THE Mary Magdalene, and THEIR alleged son Judah? I guess it all goes back to what one wants to believe, and what one wants to prove true or false.

So the question is—how deep is YOUR faith? Do you find yourself questioning your beliefs in light of this find? Questioning is ok—it can make your faith stronger. The answers to the questions are the important part.


2 Responses to “A Faith Question”

  1. Reordberend Says:

    I like to refer to these sorts of claims as “The Da Vinci Code, Part II.” With all the “historical” claims that can be made to debunk the person of Jesus as the Christ, there’s just as much, if not more, historical evidence to prove that he is. Unfortunately for me, Paul’s claim that “the righteous will live by faith” is often difficult to swallow. I like to take a logical perspective on my beliefs…but then again, logic isn’t faith. For me, the problem with faith doesn’t come with the discovery of tombs and the recovering of “new” gospel messages but in how to follow Christ in my life today. That’s the faith problem for me.

  2. Brent Says:

    i was troubled when i saw this. it was presented and will be sunday, as if it were historical fact. a great archaelogical find. no doubt it is that, but it troubled me. and then i prayed. “Jesus, I don’t like this.” and i stopped. and realized i was praying to Him. it got me to really think about how much i BELIEVE he rose from the dead and is ALIVE and how much is head knowledge. I flippantly pray to Him not realizing at the same time i must believe he’s alive.

    i found that it is about faith, more after this than most any other time, because before there was never really that great of proof that he didnt rise from the dead, just not physical proof that he did.

    i kept reading the article and found that nearly all archaelogists find it an insignificant discovery being exploited for political and monetary gain. interesting. if it really were huge, the archaelogical world would be buzzing and flipping UPSIDE DOWN.

    anyway, thanks for the post. i know i went through some thoughts that i didnt think i’d go through. and concerns for believers and non-believers alike that they’d run or give up or fold under any pressure.

    it’s FAITH.

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