Rockin’ Robins Rock Around the Buffet

They flock around the food, excitedly searching for that savory morsel. More and more of them gather to dip their beaks into an endless supply of food. Never does it cross their mind the inevitable weight they will gain from their gluttony.

No, I’m not describing the obese Mississippian as he or she lines up for the all-you-can-eat buffet. I am describing what is sure to become the new state bird. Move over mockingbird, the robin is soon to take your place! Perhaps you have noticed the over-abundance of robins that have taken their places on the ground lately. I pass by them everyday as they walk around in search for food. Over time I have noticed that many of them have gained a significant amount of weight. The other day I saw a robin so fat that it could hardly lift itself off the ground!

Wouldn’t you agree the robin would make a much more appropriate Mississippi state bird? The mockingbird can represent the rest of the nation, as we are continually the brunt of their mockery.


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