And the winner is . . . Freeny!

On the way to work every morning, I usually listen to Mix 98.7. On a typical morning, I’m in the car just in time to hear Movie Madness Trivia, a game in which they play a movie clip and the listener has a chance to identify the the movie. Yours truly tries on a regular basis to win the coveted prize of four movie passes to any UA theater of my choice.

A couple of days ago just happened to be my lucky day.

Ironically, the movie clip was the famous line from Dirty Harry, “Do you feel lucky, punk?” Yes, I know that one is quite easy, but I can answer with an emphatic “YES” that I did, in fact, feel lucky as I accepted my prize. Britney and I are in for some intense free movie watching. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to play the game again for the next 30 days.


One Response to “And the winner is . . . Freeny!”

  1. Brian Says:

    Congrats on “feeling lucky”

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